No One Can Hear Your Phone Ring In The Desert

Expert Algeria is one of North Africa's foremost specialists in incentives and team building programs.

Below you will find just one of the Sahara circuits that we offer to promote team-building and to help participants understand how groups of people can best work together. For more information, please contact us.

corporate trek in the Algerian Sahara There can be no more beautiful and no more challenging landscape than the Sahara desert in which to forge a long-lasting esprit de corps.

Expert Algeria arranges camel treks where clients sleep under the Saharan stars and take tea with the Tuareg, where you range over lofty dunes, seek out the region's life-giving gueltas and stand in awe at the desert's towering rock formations.

We can even provide a professional group consultant to help you analyze how your staff perform when faced by the challenges of this most beguiling environment.

On the other hand, perhaps you just feel that your team deserves a rewarding break in one of the world's great wildernesses?

corporate trek in the Algerian Sahara Algeria's mountainous Tassili region, bordering Niger to the south, is distinguished by its towering dunes of sand, its sheer-sided canyons and its beguiling "forests of rock".

The Tassili - "plateau of the rivers" in Arabic - is an open-air treasure-trove of more than 15,000 rock carvings and cave paintings that depict pre-historic crocodiles, cattle and giraffes.

Starting from the white-washed oasis town of Djanet, our five day itinerary ranges across the Tassili's intoxicating landscape of palm-groves, wadis and dunes by camel, on foot and by jeep. This tour spend will spend a night or two under the Saharan stars as we track down the region's gueltas, the desert water-holes that sustain the Tassili's Tuareg nomads.

We will also seek out the tarout, the endemic Saharan cypress trees that are over 2,000 years old... but we cannot guarantee that we will encounter one of the Sahara's most extra-ordinary living creatures - crocodylus niloticus, an indigenous dwarf crocodile! corporate trek in the Algerian Sahara

Day 1
Fly from Algiers or via Paris to Djanet (white-washed capital of Tassili) deep in Sahara and transfer to hotel.  Evening meal in Djanet.
Day 2
Breakfast of local produce then by jeep / on foot to Timras (sandstone "mushrooms", cave paintings) and along remote tracks to Tagherghert to see "Crying Cow" (one of finest examples of Tassili rock art). View evening sunset over dunes then return to hotel.
Day 3
By jeep / on foot to Tillalen and Tikoubaoine through landscape of dunes and immense rock formations towering above desert floor ("Elephant", "Nutcracker", "Balancing Rock") for rock paintings and gueltas.  Overnight in desert with musical soirée.
corporate trek in the Algerian Sahara
Day 4
On foot / by camel to Essendilene (verdant canyon with dense vegetation, crystal waters, towering cliffs, dry waterfalls) then by foot across dunes of Admer, sleeping out in desert.
Day 5
Return to Djanet for palm oasis, museum, 16th century ksar, workshops, local market.  Farewell dinner with music and méchoui.  Transfer to airport for return flight to Algiers or via Paris.