Guided Tours and Visits to Ghardaia and Beni Isguen

The Saharan town of Ghardaia, just over an hour by plane from the capital Algiers, is one of the pentapolis towns of the UNESCO World Heritage M'Zab Valley.

Expert Algeria's Ghardaia itineraries visit all the sites of the M'Zab, including the walled town of Beni Isguen - normally closed to foreigners - where the women, clad entirely in white, reveal only one eye to the outside world.

Further highlights of our M'Zab programmes include the old heart of Ghardaia, the market square (pictured above), the "four-fingered" mosque, the tombs of the M'Zab's religious leaders and a date farm with a centuries-old irrigation system - a magnum opus of democratic engineering.

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Expert Algeria's guided tours to Ghardaia, Beni Isguen and the M'Zab Valley stay in one of Algeria's most delightful hotels, situated in the greenest of oases.

Below you can read a little more on the history and architecture of one of North Africa's most intriguing regions.

Focus on Ghardaia and the M'Zab

  • Ghardaia: Gateway to the Sahara
  • Ghardaia and Ghardaia and the Mozabites: Austere but Tolerant
  • Ghardaia: Ghardaia and the Origins of the Mozabites
  • Ghardaia and Ghardaia and the M'Zab: A Lesson in Architecture
  • Market square in Ghardaia
    Buidlings, minaret and architecture of Ghardaia
    White-clad women of Ghardaia
    Oasis town of Ghardaia in the Algerian Sahara
    Oasis hotel in the Saharan town of Ghardaia
    Dates from Ghardaia