Algeria in the News

The best place to find out the latest news about Algeria and its sights is on Expert Algeria's Facebook page - but you can also find some of the most recent press articles here - below and opposite!

Algeria: A Continent All In Itself

So says The Washington Post!

"The largest country in Africa boasts a pristine Mediterranean coastline, fertile green highlands, snow-peaked mountains and the majestic Sahara down south. Unlike its immediate neighbors Tunisia and Morocco, Algeria is not a busy tourist destination, yet it is a country of rare beauty. The main differences is that there are virtually no foreign tourists in Algeria (with the exception of some French visitors)."

Picasso, Matisse… and Baya Mahieddine

Baya Mahieddine – it’s true, we’d never heard of her, as perhaps you haven’t, until we stumbled on this story about this self-taught Algerian artist (1931-1988) who caught the attention of Picasso and Matisse, among other prominent artists, for her colorful, spontaneous and “childlike” compositions.

Algiers: North Africa's White Lady

The British newspaper the Guardian recently published the following article on Algiers by Horatio Clare. We re-print it here because it is such an usual thing for the English-speaking media to take an interest in Algeria. More info >

Madame Africa Unites Algeria and France

The basilica of Notre Dame d'Afrique, towering above the Mediterranean on the heights of the Bologhine district of Algiers, welcomed a small but unusual crowd on Monday. More info >

Gardens in the Sahara

Sounds unlikely? Well, it's true: the Palace in the Desert outside El Oued boasts a beautiful English garden, and in the nearby sand dunes there are fields of potatoes. More info >